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Option C: Scale fleet project costs with fleet sizes. Large fleets have proportionally large requirements, small fleets have proportionally small requirements. Do not touch project rewards... so projects will still reward the same XP no matter what fleet sieze fleet you are in. Do not mess with project time limits. Projects will still take 20 hours-7 days to complete. Minimum fleet size set at 5 accounts. Can not scale below that. Based on accounts within the fleet, not characters.

I came up with that in 2 minutes... so you guys didnt think that hard now did you?
They have thought of this. Others have also presented this. This is exploitable.

Large fleet kicks everyone but the bare minimum needed until the Starbase is fully built and equipped with the desired elements, then they invite everyone back. Maximum results for minimum cost. The only way to make this fair is if the game tracks how large a fleet has ever been and uses this as the cost. This way, even if a fleet of 500 kicks everyone but five, the cost in both Dilithium AND fleet marks would reflect 500 players.

This way, the scaling costs benefit small fleets who start small and intend to stay small.

Granted a fleet of five could form, build the starbase at minimum cost in FM and RD, then recruit up to massive numbers. A way to make it where a fleet may only grow by 5 new characters per day from its current roster size. That means it would take 100 days to grow to 500 characters.

And yes. it should be characters that count towards fleet membership, not accounts. If it was accounts, then five accounts each with five alts can all generate the Dilithium and Fleet marks of 25 people towards a cost based on five people. No EASY BUTTONS! You wnt to factor your alts into FM and RD production for your fleet, then they must be part of the fleet, thus increasing the fleet size and therefore, the cost of advancing fleet holdings. UNLESS the system were to look at how many characters of the faction the fleet belomgs to each account has on it and increasing the impact to cost of projects whenever more alts are added. This way, characters or accounts, the result will be the same.

And remember. The fleet population footprint will only increase. NEVER decrease. So like I said, even if a fleet of 500 drops down to 5 when a new holding gets released, it would still require RD and FM costs reflecting 500 members.

A non-decreasing population footprint is the only way to make it fair for small fleets in a way that large fleets cannot cheat the system by droping members to cut costs. A limited increase to fleet population is the only way to prevent pre-meditative cheating, as in, we'll start with five, build it and then jump right up to 500.

If you can live with restrictions like that, then you really care about small fleets. If you cannot live with restrictions like that, then you are only pretending to bemoan the victimization of small fleets and are really a large fleetist looking for a way to play the system to your favor.
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