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# 3 ---Incoming Transmission---
02-16-2013, 04:12 AM
Good Afternoon, Lt Cmdr.

I happened across your file and I felt it necessary to put in my own information.

I am the Alpha of Taskforce Bloodmoon, a small but growing fleet. Sad and embarrassing as it is to admit, our starbase, Deep Space Phi 3, is currently under construction with only Tier 2 upgrades and our Embassy on New Romulus has only received a few cosmetic upgrades. Bloodmoon had a rough start, but we are slowly recovering from major issues that crippled us, even at one time cutting membership in half.

We are currently planning out a PvP Division while we finalize and formalize our Roleplay and PvE Divisions. We have a very skilled command staff with experience with outfitting, tactics, supply, and even experience in the military. Officers of Bloodmoon are quite relaxed but, at the same time, maintain good structure and progress. Several members are quite active and push with everything they have to move the fleet forward.

We would enjoy having you aboard and for additional information, you can read over the fleet registry here or here.

Prove yourself so that you may forge your legend.

Admiral Hrenti R'Mssiarr