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02-16-2013, 05:41 AM
Congrats on 100 pages for this thread alone (the third one on this topic, to my knowledge). My suggestions for an effective solution are as follows:

1) Dilithium is a time-based currency. Everything takes time, everything should give *some* dilithium. You get 5 dilithium for doing a duty officer assignment, all PvP, STFs and Foundry missions give dilithium, and Stahl has said they're open to adding dilithium to regular episodes. Omega Marks and Romulan Marks can already be converted to dilithium so what's missing from this picture? The Fleet Events! If I'm going to run Colony Invasion, Starbase Fleet Alert, Starbase Incursion, etc. at least give me some dilithium too so I don't have to do something else on top of that. That'll also help with Cryptic getting the dilithium metrics up -- though if they were truly worried about that they probably wouldn't have single fleet projects that cost millions of dilithium (enjoy the 2 million Tier 3 embassy upgrade and 3.6 million Tier 5 starbase upgrade).

2) Fleet Marks are needed in greater abundance. Not in May, right now. A fleet trying to get to Tier 5 will need something along the lines of at least 2,880 fleet marks per day on average. All fleet mark missions in game should be boosted by 50%, with a 'fleet week' once a month that doubles the rewards. The Officer of the Watch daily should be boosted from 5 fleet marks to 50 in order to give people a reason to come to their starbases that they've done over a dozen limited time projects for. Unlike the Foundry's IOR it is a daily (not repeatable every 30 minutes) and can *only* be done by people in a fleet (or at least, invited to a fleet holding). Also, fleet actions should always give fleet marks -- not just the daily.

These are relatively simple fixes and there is no reason it can't be added within the next patch.
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