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Originally Posted by magnumstar View Post
I have never liked how the other races have just been lumped into the Klingon Empire with no cultural identity of their own. I think to have done this right each race should start out on their own planet with missions that bring them into working with the KDF.

Also being a retired Navy guy the fact that all these other races being allowed to fly around in Klingon ships is very hard to swallow. The other races in the KDF should be in their own ships since they are an allied force and not a single entity such as StarFleet. I can understand giving your allies outdated ships but there's no way a government would hand over their top of the line vessels. The U.S. gives its allies equipment, weapons, ships, planes, etc. but if you notice its all outdated stuff.

As someone posted above the other races were thrown in as bad guys to make a two dimensional blackhat faction, sort of what the Klingons were like in the TOS series.Cryptic has done nothing to develope these races and fill in the giant gaps on the things we don't know about them. And we don't have much to go on from the various TV sereis.

Gorn - The only Gorn we ever saw was that one episode in TOS and I think another series had a hologram, that's it.

Letheans - I never saw the episode where we got a glimpse of one but that's what we have is a glimpse and nothing else.

Nausicaans - Picard got stabbed by one in an epsiode, we know theyre pirates and very little else, oh and they carry sharp knives.

Orions - Had warp drive capabilities before most other races in the alpha quandrant. Their food tastes bad. They pirate, smuggle, and take slaves. Raided the vulcan homeword centuries ago before the Vulcan's had space capabilities Are a criminal organization that runs a black market. The women are actually in charge because they have these OP phermones but they pretend to be the slaves.This last part is just plain stupid and unnecessary. There's no need to pretend to be a slave if you look hot, all you need to do is present yourself to whatever male you wish to seduce especially if you have mind controlling phermones. I think what the folks on that ENT episode ran into were gals who were part of an Orion eugenics experiment because if all the Orion women had phermones like that then they would've already been ruling every quandrant in the galaxy. I've seen guys seduced/manipulated/controlled by real life hot women who were neither green nor had phermones.

It's sad that Cryptic had the opportunity to develope these races beyond their two dimensional stigma and failed to do so. I believe if it would've been developed and done right then the KDF with it's diversity of starting points for the various races, diversity of race specific ships, costumes, and equipment then it would've quickly overshadowed the blue side because of the variety of choices offered to players.

The Letheans are basically treated like garbage by the Klingons, a little about this is laid out in the current KDF tutorial . Basically the KDF wont do anything more against them because they fear their telepathic abilities and the havoc they could cause if they ticked them off. So some races are treated worse than others, at least the Naussicans are considered allies of the empire.

But yeah as someone who has a main character that is a non KDF race (Lethean) I would love to see some content revolve around them.
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