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02-16-2013, 06:00 AM
Well from the number of pages on this topic I see I'm not the only one wondering what the Devs were thinking when they done this. Sorry if I post something that someone else as touched base on but, I don't have the time to go through every reply that was posted. I read the statement at the start of this topic and could see some of the points made. Here is the thing I don't think you Devs are looking at from the players point of view.

The Fleet marks in the Inv Officer Reports Mission was nice due to the fact it let everyone get fleet marks weather in a fleet or not. The fleet missions that are in the game now do not give you nothing near what you could with the Inv Officer Report Mission. I myself am in a fleet like most that have posted are as well. I understand the idea of wanting to get the marks for doing fleet gameplay but the problem is that can't be the only way to do it. The Inv Officer Reports mission gave fleet members the chance to earn marks if there were no other members around to team up with. It's hard to get into a fleet event mission sometimes because no one was in the que ( even harder on the KDF side) and when you did you did not get hardly anything for it. The Inv Officer Report gave people a option. Even if you did it and were not in a fleet you had the marks when you did join one.

Now if you Devs didn't want the players to be able to get the fleet marks so quickly why did you change the mission to be able to be replayed every 30 mins? Just change the amount of marks given to 30 or something. Make the Inv Officcer Report mission give only XP, EXP, and fleet marks only. Set it up to be repeatable every hour or something. This move that you have done is really going to put the brakes on a lot of fleet projects for people now. That's something else we can point a finger at the Devs for to since you guys increased the amount of items needed for the projects as well but, that's for another day.