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Thanks for reading it! I'll keep adding more as I play and write, and there's a story in mind for what happens with her character as her missions continue and how it'll all eventually unfold.
Always a pleasure to read about other crews and what makes them all tick I had originally had a kind of plot planned for my original crew, but I never got round to writing it, and eventually retired them after the 30 year jump in the timeline... I don't really have any plans for my new crew, other than where the LCs takes them

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Exactly. I'm going to be very careful in handling that part of her story, and her bio's about as specific as it'll ever get with the Borg's history; the canon's never revealed their origin in detail, and I think they're more sinister that way, as an enigma. But the way her history with the Borg shapes her character, and her relationship with them, once it all comes out will definitely be fun to explore.
Awesome, a true Borg, from before they were even The Borg My namesake character was originally written as a Borg Specialist who studied under Magnus Hansen during his freshman year at the Academy (which would have been the year before the Raven departed for their investigations and eventual fate in the Delta Quadrant) so if you ever feel like writing about him examining Azera's pod, feel free to do so, here's a link to his bio in case you ever need to refer to it... I think the canon gives you a lot of freedom, as chances are, the true origins of the Borg will likely never be explored in canon, you you don't need to worry too much about new canon contradicting your writing

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