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02-16-2013, 06:50 AM
This has been said over 100 times, in several threads for several reasons...Lets start by I have played only one game in the past few months, logging in well over 1,000 hours, I have spent more then $50.00 on this game, and the honest reason for sticking around, is the fact that I have spent actual money on this. You keep botching the system, changing things, creating "bugs" then ignoring them to go on to botching some other part of the game, this game is NOT fun anymore, ever since the 3 yr event has been over you guys really screwed it up for us...great way to start out your new year...I doubt i will be sticking around for you to take any more of my money, see I didn't mind spending money on something when I got something in return (fun) in fact to be honest, cutting grass with a pocket knife is more entertaining then grinding for hours for worthless garbage.

If by the end of the month the fun has not returned, I'll be uninstalling it and turning away from cryptic/perfect world. because really, whats the point?
AND I will be urging others to do the same to avoid feeling ripped off.

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