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02-16-2013, 06:55 AM
Most of my Fed ships are named after British warships I own as scale models for a 1/2400 scale tabletop. Ark Royal, Warspite, Prince of Wales, Pegasus, Polaris, Dauntless, Exeter etc...

SS Tarawa, Tuffli, named after the freighter that got remodelled into an auxiliary carrier in some of the old wing commander novels.

USS Jupiter, Armitage, named after the ST:CCG Akira that came with ST:Armada I.

Prakesh, Kreechta - Galor and D'Kora - named after the ships from TNG.

Shiraak - Atrox - named after the class of a Kilrathi Heavy Carrier from Wing Commander.

Kr'ath, Baranur, Krothunga, Roborran - I'm rather unimaginative for my Klink fleet, therefore I'm usually letting the random name creator decide...