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Originally Posted by azurianstar View Post
Kitbash Ships: I would like to see them added, because they were in the show and nobody really got to see them. While Capt thinks it wouldn't be high in demand, maybe so, but then again you never know.

Since you guys think they would be low on demand, why not make them available in the regular Ship Store. Or maybe involve them in a type of ship crafting, where you got certain ship parts and assemble them. Maybe have unique twists, like the Niagra is said to have a high warp speed, so you could give it a normal Sector Speed buff that doesn't require a Borg or MACO engine.

Crafting: I like the idea of assembling our own equipment. And I could honestly see the parts being new types of drops or rare rewards on certain mission. Like how you want a ACCx3 Weapon, where you can't just put 3 ACCx3 enhancments in. Instead you have the first ACC enhancement being craftable, the second ACC in slot 2 is a regular rare drop, but the third ACC in slot 3 is a rare drop off a endgame mission that doesn't drop all the time (and is account bound).

Warp Core and Armor slots: Yes! The Icon wouldn't be hard to change, just use the Impulse Engine slot (that's a warp core) and make a more appropriate one for Impulse Engines.
Could even go so far as to disassemble drops to get parts and moddifiers as well.
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