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02-16-2013, 06:15 AM
Originally Posted by arcademaster View Post
I don't mind them making a profit (I have nothing against Lockboxes for example), but here the proportions are still off.

At the current exchange rate those 4 upgrades cost 550? together. Considering some people spend 200? to get lockbox ships I get that's not even that insane. Though don't forget the millions of dil the XP projects took too.

If all 25 players of that average fleet chip in with zen for 5?, that's still only a quarter of what's required in total. 5$ was the example Al used himself.
It's just public relations BS - Mr Stahl aready stated that they expect to make around $2000 per starbase when he was giving an business investor talk or something.

Don't be fooled by the talk of "you can do it just by playing" this is something that they DON'T want you to do - they want a large part to be subsidized by ZEN purchases.

It's a money grab - but since the game is free to play they have to grab the money everywhere they can - it's just the business model.