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02-16-2013, 07:37 AM
Originally Posted by crownvic2door View Post
You keep botching the system, changing things, creating "bugs" then ignoring them to go on to botching some other part of the game, this game is NOT fun anymore, ever since the 3 yr event has been over you guys really screwed it up for us...great way to start out your new year...
This has been Cryptics "politics" since STO went F2P and even before, if i remember correctly.

What bothers me most is how inconsequent they do things, starting with STOs ship mechanics where ships only look like Star Trek ships but work completely different, going to constant Fleet Mark changes at the Foundry daily and other dailys not even working. I don't want to start thinking about pressing Star Trek ships into a Stone/paper/scissor mechanic....
Abilities getting constantly changed which can suddenly make your ship build completely useless from one day to another, in the worst case.

Apparently they want to give us more opportunities to get Dilithium, fine. But don't they remember they installed a 8000 Dilithium cap per day a long time ago?
I wouldn't care for it if they wouldn't decrease the amount of Fleet Marks per mission at the same time. Everyone i know (including myself) constantly needs more Fleet marks, not Dilithium, at least not that much.
Sometimes i think they don't even care to play the game by themselves from time to time, i know if it where a Star Wars of BSG game they would be much more enthusiastic and careful about it...

I too have the impression everytime they release a new patch, the game fails to work on some other area, if it's some technical thing or game mechanics.

Things like that don't raise confidence about their competence when it comes to making games in general. I wonder why companies keep giving them their IPs to make games, don't they even bother to look what they do with their product?

Really, i just don't get it...

Honestly my confidence in them is at a new low point.

Sorry if this has gotten off topic a bit.

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