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02-16-2013, 06:42 AM
My sentiment is one of no compromise on this one. Undo this patch.

Restore FM to the foundry missions.
At least 960 Dilithium for 15 min missions.

This "patch" which is meant to improve the game has decreased the dilithium/minute (not that dilithium is a big deal); and removed an enjoyable means to earn fleet marks without doing the same missions over and over and over again - or for those who may have preferred the Battleship Rumble - so what if they did that mission over and over and over again - maybe they were doing something like....having fun?

STO has become decidedly less fun for my small fleet since S7. One person in my fleet simply responded with: "So... They don't want us doing Officer Reports anymore? Okie Doke. "

As a well-paying customer here I will not spend one more dime on STO until the FM is restored and 960 dilithium is received for 15 minutes of Foundry missions.

No compromise is acceptable; I don't care if they add FM somewhere else; I don't care about some shriveled-dried carrot they'll hang in front of us.

You want me to spend money here again; then ADD content instead of taking it away.
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