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1) Notices - Heading this forum:- "Hello Captain! At this time, you may only post replies..."

Can you please give me an explanation for this?

As an IT professional (for some nearly forty years including 7.5 years as Head of Consulting EMEA for an International household name) I would have thought that a 'professional' and 'constructive' viewpoint on Foundry Bugs would be welcomed.

I would consider it not appropriate to post a bug report for discussion as a 'reply' to any other bug report which is probably wholly unrelated.

Consequently, this seems counter productive to me and would inevitably lead to confusion and make it extremely difficult for others to find (search) for meaningful information on similar experiences. I suggest it would further lead to unnecessary duplication of reports and discussions.

(Unless, of course, the moderators 'like' having to re-thread posts???)

2) By way of observing forum etiquette. What is your recommended method of providing screen captures (image and video including preferred formats) of bug instances?

Sometimes, an image or a video sequence as an example is a significantly simpler method of illustrating a point and saves countless effort in explanations.

3) There seems to be some confusion amongst some users (including myself) as to whom exactly is responding to GM Help / Bug Reports in game, Support Tickets on web, and Messages within the Forum. A sticky with a simple explanation of whom, where, and what can be expected would be very helpful and probably reduce user frustration.

4) I am concerned that some issues (both foundry and in game) can only be resolved via direct email to customer services and these generally appear to take 10 days to two weeks to be responded to ~ if at all!.

In a similar vein, it is frustrating to have an issue marked as resolved when it clearly has not. This requires the whole process to be repeated yet again.

Furthermore, it is even more frustrating to have tickets removed from the system whilst outstanding ~ This defeats the purpose of the ticket history system.

5) Both the in game and the web support message facilities are too constricted in terms of permitted characters to explain a complex issue, the steps taken to replicate the issue ~ all of which is intended to assist the person dealing with the problem.

Moreover, there is a lack of consistency between the two systems ~ One simply stops recording keystrokes, and the other enables any number of characters to be typed but then truncates the message when sent with no feedback to the sender.

This conveniently leads on to another problem ~ Both systems should send a confirmation email to the sender at their email address. Otherwise 'lost' tickets result in "Yes, I did!", "No, you didn't!" dialogue, friction, and frustration.

6) There is a presumption amongst many here that 'everyone' is as knowledgeable about acronyms and slang expressions used within the forums.

Such use of acronyms and slang may identify the user as an 'old hand' but doesn't actually contribute to the usability of the information for many others less experienced or not in 'the know'.

7) Similarly, I note how many occasions a query is answered by, "No that can't be done, but there is a work-around" which actually fails to provide any details of the work-around, or; references an external link (URL) that is actually broken and error 404s.

The former just isn't helpful, and the latter cascades back to 2) above and supports my point that there needs to be a policy.

In conclusion, I would like everyone to be aware that I may appear as either of two users ~ y4artu or argo0 ~ depending upon my current login for which there is a valid reason associated with developing multi-player foundry missions ~ Consequently, I am NOT a SockPuppet on the forum.

Kind regards to All. :-)