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02-16-2013, 08:37 AM
@ Geko :

### Jem'Hadar Warship ###

yes i very much want the Warship, much more than the Heavy Escort Carrier.
the Warship was more often on-screen than the Battleship ( = Dreadnought), the Heavy Escort Carrier is a pure STO ship and was never on-screen.

The difference in SCALE alone is worth having both Ships.

on that note: the Scale of your Dreadnought is at least one third TOO SMALL
see this thread i made about it ->

i have the Bug Ship, i have the "Dreadnought" (official: "Battleship")

The Dreadnought is a very squishy Carrier, fun but squishy.
The other 2 are Escorts, the Warship could be more on the tanky Cruiser end of the spectrum.

### Chimera Fleet Ship ###

just NO!
that would be BAD!
It was bad enough that you gave the ship to everyone who just bought a Life Time Account, instead of making them wait the 1000 days (that ship surely sold some LTAs), but giving a Fleet Version out for $20... that would not only make LTA's very angry that would also devalue your LTA offer immensely.

### Ambassador Class ###

The Fleet Version is out by now so old news there.
People aren't happy that there is NO C-Store version of it, Per Char Ship only for 2000 Zen... but that topic has been beaten to death.

All i have to say, please somebody slap JamzJamz in front of his keyboard and tell him to put the CENTER AXIS into the CENTER of the damn Ship, i get so much OCD from it spinning around it's rear end... i just can't fly that. It just looks and feels WRONG how it turns.

### Andorian Ship ###


### more modern designs / running out of fed ships ###

honestly. i'm not very interested in *new cryptic designed* ships, sure they fill the ship-of-the-month-flavor spot, but honestly i don't even see many players in the Chimera or Regent or Armitage anymore... those ships loose their novelty pretty fast, it's more about the C-Store Consoles there.

We already have 2409 Skins with the +1 Ships for many Ships, i guess the MVAM could still use one, but the Defiant, Galaxy, Sovereign, Intrepid etc. all already have one or two...

i'd be more interested in simply giving the Ship Artists more time to update or even remake some of the old Art Assets, some important ones like the Galaxy / Intrepid / Defiant / Sovereign Class really almost hurt to look at in this game, they deserve better and with some new C-Store packs it would make sense to update or even remake the original TV Hero Ships to look not only "good enough" but "effing AWESOME"... and THAT is what they deserve.