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02-16-2013, 08:01 AM

I understand the need to keep lobi character bound, but why not make it so everything purchased with lobi is received in a tradable crate that a player can trade to another character or put on the exchange. For Example if a player wants a MKXII Jem?Hadar set they trade their MKXI set + lobi for a tradable crate with the entire MKXII set in it and then the player can do with it what they want. Most of the more valuable items in the lobi store are already like this. Maybe just have things bind on equip after upgrading instead of pick up or account bound, but bound to character on equip. There are reasonable ways around the lobi problem, but maybe I am missing something with the lobi.

Kitbash ships:

It is a shame they have no interest in doing a New Orleans Class. I think it is actually a proper looking Federation ship and much better looking than many of the early cryptic variants. The Springfield is not bad, but no worse than the Cheyenne class already in game. Regardless of who might like the look of a ship few people will use a ship that does not have a good BO setup.

The Constellation Class (!A KITBASH!) would be great, but like the Oberth, Miranda, and Constitution would end up being a T1 z-store ship. I would take a T5 New Orleans over a T1 Constellation. I don't buy T1 ships.