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02-16-2013, 08:37 AM
Dang, your description makes a lot of sense ... I want to agree with you.

Having said that, when Cryptic comes down and says (paraphrased) "Fleet Marks are for Fleet activities" I kind of agree with that idea. Don't get me wrong, the Fleet I'm in is small and I catch myself being the only one online sometimes, so being able to do *something* that helps get more Fleet Marks is my goal. But it's not my only goal when I play and the members of the Fleet agreed to not worry about Fleet Holdings because we're a small group by intent.

Ok, so that's my group, but I think the discussion is geared for a more general audience. To that end, I want to agree with the premise of the OP

So, could Cryptic make a scaling reward? If I play a Foundry mission solo then I get ... 5 FM. But if I'm in a group then the number of participants generates a multiplier effect. I dunno.
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