Thread: Obsolete Ships.
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02-16-2013, 10:33 AM
In the Realm of complete optimization, yes some ships are not going to perform.

Fleet ships (or their equivalent) have more console slots and naturally higher shields and hull. In the end, if you are a performance freak, you will need to upgrade ASAP.

But outside that I do believe the following cruisers were obsolete by C-Store ships:

Assault Cruiser (RAdm) - Adv Heavy Cruiser Refit, Assault Cruiser Refit, Support Cruiser Retrofit
Star Cruiser (RAdm) - Oddyssey Star Cruiser (free, not just C-Store)
Exploration Cruiser - By the nature of it's BOFF setup, completely done in by the Oddy
Dreadnaught - Has one purpose, point and shoot alphas, beyond that the AC was better.

The Oddyssey Star Cruiser bundle is what killed them forever though. You had the ability to slot both a universal LtCmdr and Ensign. Even the Oddyssey Star Cruiser that was free (now in fleet store) is obsolete LOL. Here's the cruisers you may look as viable:

Fleet Adv Heavy Cruiser Refit
Fleet Assault Cruiser Refit
Oddyssey Star Cruiser (Sci - Power settings can be offset and consoles are not that useful)
Fleet Support Cruiser Retrofit

I'm also wondering if the Fleet LRSV is made less useful by the Fleet (Nova) SV LOL. I love that ship, the LtCmdr Tactical on my Fleet Nova rocks. I hate the way it looks, but love the way it plays.