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I think the best refrence for an exellent pvp battleground would be World of Warcrafts Alterac Vally. It has capturable objectives as well as pve bosses at either end. It was always my favorite map.
*audible groan* PvP maps should never have PvE be the end objective. Both of WoW's "PvEvP" battlegrounds these days are used by PvE players to farm honour and conquest points (nothing wrong with that really).

In Alterac Valley, both teams form up a massive train, ride past each other on opposite ends of the battleground, then kill the end boss. The only people who get killed are the ones who defend towers or stragglers who entered the game late. In Isle of Conquest, Alliance runs straight for the docks, Horde runs straight for the tank shop, and two or three from both sides go to the hangar. It's very common to end both battlegrounds with less than 10 kills combined between both teams, but to Isle of Conquest's credit it's amazing fun when the two sides do actually smash into each other for extended periods of time.

Shanty Town represents the beginnings of good PvP/PvE mix. You have defensive turrets designed to keep spawn campers out (which they fail at spectacularly, btw) or the other team away from the mainframe. Second line defense (the first line being the players) against the enemy team is the only form of PvE content in PvP maps I've actually liked and it's the only form that's ever felt right to me.

Now, if you actually have a boss in one of these maps that, when killed, ends the game, you have to heavily, HEAVILY incentivise actual PvP. Otherwise it turns into a PvE race, with both teams avoiding each other to kill the boss, as it's the quickest way to their after-match dilithium. The only people who will die are those who get toasted by the defending NPCs/boss, or stragglers who get opened up on from cloak.
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