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02-16-2013, 10:12 AM
Originally Posted by stevehale View Post
Maybe, from a business stand point, they need to take a look back at the Fleet variants and give them a bit of a boost. None of them really compare and you'll certainly have greater selling opportunities since they are character only.

Normally I'd go with my usual line about how much easier it would be to just address the problem. That doesn't seem likely but since the last patch adjusted some fleet ship stats then maybe they all need a little more. Go ahead and balance the entire tier 5ish roster around a single long standing mistake just so long as issues finally get addressed.

The biggest sticking point for me, and it does relate to balance, is that the iconic ships don't need to be over powered but they can't be allowed to become obsolete.
I don't have any issues with that direction.

I like the improvements made to some of the fleet ships, and I think they need to tweak more of the fleet ships across the board.

The lockbox ships would always likely have some advantage, but hopefully not to the point that iconic faction ships are "obsolete"**

**(obsolete from a pure min/max pvp viewpoint - for pve the JHAS advantages are largely irrelevant, the Recluse is all but pointless to use from a performance standpoint and the Vesta is easily a better ship to use than the Wells - on top of this a Tac focused Ody is one of, if not the best, damage capable Fed Cruisers for STFs).

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