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Jacob: so now what do we do.

Hood : we wait. Let you heal up and then decide our next move.

Jacob: we should be doing something now. We need to get with the fleet.
Frustration starts entering his voice.

Hood : we will in time Jacob. Right now we are here so let's make do with what we have.

Hood looks at Jacob who is pacing around hood sighs

Hood : Jacob does this have anything to do with the man we saw. Back on the ship.

Jacob looks at hood : I don't want to talk about him.

And before hood can say a word Jacob grabs both combat knives and leaves hood sitting at the tent. Despite his pain his anger overrides hi@ want to sit down. He easily slips into the woods. Where he finds a sturdy tree and climbs about half way up he knows hood isn't trying to cause any problems. He really can't explaine his anger even right now. He sits in the tree holding one of the knives and listening to the animals and looking out at the stars.
OOC: Yeah he knows Gyunei from Section 31 but also from recovering the information key to Drake's downfall. He was captured by them again and well now he is the person you see now. Reconditioned, but is slowly starting to crack..