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02-16-2013, 11:36 AM
*Preston is in his office sitting in front of the galaxy map.. D'rix is wearing her robe carrying a tray of scotch.. *

D'rix: They are massing in several areas but we should not expect an attack..

Preston: Of course not.. James isn't the type of man to go and look for a fight.. Not unless.

D'rix: Sir... what you have planned no one in history has even thought possible.. It is a lot of evil to bear...

Preston: Leaving a bright future is what is important and unity and resolve are needed right now... I don't want to be an evil man... But if I have to shoulder the evils of the world... I will...

D'rix: You still can't forgive him can you?

Preston: *remembers that event three years ago.. he has felt her presence around him and the pain of shooting her down.... accidentally...* No I haven't... I am trying to move on.. *Sips the glass of scotch..*

D'rix: I know.. *steps in front of him and his rests his head in her chest weary*

Preston: Guide me..

D'rix: *She hugs his head closely* It must be from holding the expectation laid on you by your father.. Anyone would be weary... Preston

*In the morning *

D'rix: We won't move on the group at Caspian IV but we will look to set up skirmish points so we can drive them away and reclaim some worlds back..

Preston: Very well.. Be sure that it is done..

D'rix: Remember Admiral.. Once you beat him..

Preston: I know.. I will be yours to command..

*Several forces move in Gyunei's vessel included. move to several points to set up their plan.*