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02-16-2013, 10:56 AM
I'm happy my question about lobi account bound was answered.

The answer however was very poor.

Basically 'we don't do it because we want to be able to give free lobi in special events and it is too easy to exploit by getting that free lobi with multiple accounts and pooling it together'.

... which is ridiculous because they are severely inconveniencing the ENTIRE playerbase to prevent a few people with dozens of characters each (apparently since this is such an exploitable threat!) from accumulating lobi.

Mr Rivera:

The problem..and what PISSES people off about the lobi system is that:

1- Lobi can only be acquired by opening lockboxes. Keys cost money.
2- Lobi items are bind on pickup. If one of my characters has lobi and I need lobi item for another character I cannot purchase the item and transfer it.
3- Opening lobi with one character means other characters are locked out of lobi items. If you open lockboxes with multiple characters then you end up being SCAMMED out of money-costing keys and not being able to use their lobi.

To fix this:

1- Make lobi account bound. God, make it a currency not an inventory item.
2- Make lobi items come in an account-bound crate. No more bind on pickup.
3- If you guys want to give free lobi in events and not have it be exploited then you simply TIME GATE IT. Make the missions that give free lobi not give lobi outright but rather a one-per character unique item that is used in a doff mission. The doff mission will turn into lobi. The doff mission takes 24 hours to complete. That way only X amount of lobi can be made per character in account per day. THAT is easy enough to math already did this with the reputation system.

... a little work for once-a-year free lobi event is too much to ask to not piss off the playerbase the rest of the year? C'mon now.