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02-16-2013, 11:14 AM
There is one more thing you can try, actually.

We did have a little bit of a hacking incident a while back. As in, Cryptic got hacked and someone was just working off a list cleaning our accounts. It's possible you too might've had someone else mucking about in your account, with a particularly strong griefer mentality if he even deleted the characters.

Now you know when you last logged in. So you know when your characters were still there. It's a long shot, cause 11 months is a long time and I don't know exactly how far back they keep backups of the database, but you can ask them to look at a copy of the database from before then, and restore your characters from there, or if that fails, if their records don't go back that far, then from the earliest backup they have.

There's a chance there. While no one deleted any characters when I got hacked (I logged in while they were busy clearing out one of my alts) Cryptic did manage to restore the inventories of the characters that were affected. Took them only a few days. As long as you're clear enough in the initial message (give them the names of all characters you remember, and the date they should be aiming for) it might be worth a shot.

Just don't do it through the site, do it through the game.

Edit: I think any EDC or unredeemed borg tech might be a problem, though. We've converted to an STF reputation system, and everyone's currencies from the old system were converted. I'm not sure if, if they do restore your characters from before that conversion, those can still be converted or whether they're going to left to sit uselessly in your inventory.

And infuriating though it may be to hear the question again, are you really, really Really sure you linked up your old Cryptic account with your PWE one, and not just created a new PWE account with the same @handle? Cause, I'm not sure about this, but I wonder if your forum account really should show February 2013 as your joining date if this account had been linked up earlier. Only accounts created after January 2012 (which wouldn't include you) were automatically PWE accounts, and it wasn't until June 2012 where you can see they really started pushing everyone to do that. Which would be after you tuned out. So... just wondering. Maybe that's just the forum. This whole account merger thing was and still is a confusing mess. (It's possible they don't even understand it.) If you really remember going through the process of merging your original account into a new one, then that's it, you did that. If not, there may be some miscommunication at work here.

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