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02-16-2013, 11:30 AM
I think Siren's Call in CoH was a good combo of PvP and PvE. The zone was in control of heroes or villains, depending on which side had won more of the NPC battles that occurred regularly throughout the zone, and control unlocked neat things in the zone's store. But the players could completely ignore the NPCs if they wanted, because the PvP part of the zone was collecting bounties on enemy players. Everyone got a player that was their bounty, and every few moments a dot on the map would update with their location (it didn't actively follow them, it just popped up once in a while, so if they were a stalker (stealthed) and on the move, you would just see the dot moving, but not necessarily your bounty). After a certain amount of bounty collected, you could get various rewards.
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