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02-16-2013, 11:46 AM
#### First Officer System / ALT your BOff ####

we need to talk about that "ALT your BOff" thing...

i HAVE a Breen Ship (limited time only), i have a Breen BOff
i HAVE 3 Jem'Hadar Ships (all expensive LockBox Ships), all 3 on 1 Character [i play that Alien as Jem'Hadar already, i just need the proper visuals and Ketracel White addiction now ;P ], i have a Jem'Hadar BOff too, the Jem'Hadar ground Set + new Lobi Gun (bound to char) and Jem'Hadar DOffs (some bound to char)....

i want, no i NEED those BOffs to be Captain of the Ships i already have ...
i guess i need also, in addition an option to promote a BOff to Captain and REPLACE the current Captain i am using right now on this Character Slot instead of a new one,
maybe just simply replace the Captain, maybe move the Captain to the new Character Slot instead.... or demote him to be the BOff instead? (withe 10 Characters i have really enough alts and i already play half of them as the Aliens that the BOffs are supposed to be)...

...not to mention i still need a Tholian Captain for the Tholian Ships, i need a true Cardassian Captain for the Galor. (no BOff's available here yet).

proof of claims ->

one could say, you guys waited to long with implementing the Alt your BOff system,
if it had been available before the first LockBox Ship, that would have been perfect.
But now we got all the crazy Alien Ships and extra LobiStore items already, most of it is bound on our current chars, so now we need to Alt our BOffs, but on the same character slot now.

Because what good does me a Breen Captain when he is a complete new Character without the time limited time ship that i wanted for him?
I am not going to buy another set of Jem'Hadar Ships just to have the Captain look a bit more like a Jem'Hadar than my alien creator fake Jem'Hadar looks like... (and i know there are many fake Alien creator Jem'Hadars walking around in Starfleet and the KDF).

i could see that first officer take ONE ship with him by default to the new account, but 3? and maybe a Shuttle?
including slotted items, but then what about all the Bound DOffs and Items... that would get real complicated real fast (or you just change a lot of stuff to Account Bound instead of Character Bound, retroactively...)

well... think about it.

maybe in the end the easiest thing to do would just be to put the Species in the C-Store after all and add a Re-Species token to the planned Re-Trait Token that is confirmed for uuuh not-Season-8-but-bigger-may-update....
...maybe in addition just allow us to buy these rare Species as Option if we own the appropriate Ship, so we don't have so many rare Aliens running around..... or just unlock the Species otion through the Alt Your BOff thing for the current character slot for the use of a re-species token.

....i hope you could follow my line of thought here lol

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