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Originally Posted by captainbmoney View Post
Lol another nerf klingon thread. I'm not surprised.
With the cloak bug in effect for years, the nerf klingon threads just don't have any teeth. Not like that first couple of months post-launch. Man those were some serous nerf klingon threads.

This? This is just a thread that assists people new to PVP.

Of course the color coding of equipment blinds too many new and veteran players to equipment scaling in this game. The difference in DPS between a common MK XII tetryon beam array and a very rare Mk XII tetryon beam array comes only in the percent chance affected by the modifiers. It's minimal when compared to a common max level weapon and a raid drop max level weapon in one of those fantasy based MMOs.

Heck, when this game launched, Mk X was the top tier of gear. Get this, the damage of the common beam array your starter ship comes equipped with and the top tier Mk X beam array you got at the then end-game was simply double the damage. That's it. The dichotomy from fresh out of the tutorial starter item and the end-game item ... double. That's it.

Gear progression in this game is slow. And was designed to be tiny increments.

Sure, keep upgrading. Make your gear every little bit better that you can. But realize that if you're getting popped fast in PvP, it's NOT because you have a blue covariant shield array and a green Mk 8 positron deflector.