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02-16-2013, 12:14 PM
Dear Dan. In response to this:

Dstahl: There is a sector to galactic left of Sol where we would like to add an Alpha Quadrant sector devoted to many founding members of the Federation. It also contains interesting species such as the Tzenkethi and we?ve had some ongoing discussions about how other species, like the Ferengi, might be involved in this sector. At this point, it is a ways out on our radar, but we are discussing this sector internally. We have also considered this a possible starting point for a Foundry authored ?sector?, where the majority of the missions are akin to ?Sector Spotlight? missions, all authored by the community ahead of time. So there is a good chance you?ll see us do something with Betazed, Tellar and the other nearby systems in the years to come.
Please don't do this addition if you are not going to assign anyone to give us the props and maps to make missions in this sector.

I don't want to build Ferenginar out of Cardassian buildings. Please either gives us the resources or don't give us the doors. Giving us doors and not resources is like asking your own team to build New Romulus with stuff made for the True Way.