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02-16-2013, 12:27 PM
Originally Posted by n0vastarone View Post
Bug Number 5: When I explode..I cannot, turn my ship. I can only fly in a straight line. Not sure who else gets this. UNSURE IF MANY HAVE ISSUE
I know what causes this. It happens when you die and have an enemy targeted. If you don't untarget the enemy while you are dead, when you respawn your ship will home in on the target like its some kind of heat-seaking missile. You can't turn the ship and it will just fly straight towards that target. You can regain control by un-targeting whatever you were fighting.

I want you to know this bug really frustrated me for the longest time. There was this one time in a Fleet Alert when a Recluse blew me up and when I respawned I tried to gain control by using evasive maneuvers. My ship shot right into the recluse and stuck to it like we were attached with glue. I died again when the Recluse blew up and I'm like "WTF!?"

I was so happy to figure out how to stop it. lol