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02-16-2013, 12:31 PM
Originally Posted by krypter3 View Post
it seems to work very well in PVE
First mistake.

along with my heavy Antiproton turret
Second mistake. It sucks in pve and pvp.

and scorpion fighters
Third mistake, what a waste of a device slot.

So I diverted my power to shields
Fourth mistake. A cruiser in tanking mode will divert power to aux to max out the effectiveness of sci heals (you have a Hazard Emitter and a Ttransfer Shield strengh right?). Two emergency power to shields will do the rest.

I have my shield buffs.
And what about a pair of tactical teams?

Is it just that I'm a terrible player or what because I just felt like a pinata to this little ship that in canon star trek, would not even put a dent on a Sovereign class starship.
You're not not ready for pvp yet. Fed ships are actually superior to KDF ones in most cases.