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02-16-2013, 01:42 PM

Have a read over the Hilbert Guide. Its specifically for PVP. The same for the STO planner, and have a read over some of the basic boot camp threads. Overall PVP is just developed differently to PVE and unfortunately ship builds purely for PVE wont last a second in PVP. This may be annoying and non canon, etc, etc but this is a game, and that is just the way the cookie crumbles.

Sorry if this has already been suggested. Don't despair though, I was in the same situation as yourself in the past. Inevitably, it isn't hard nor would it take much effort to get you to PVP level. As for the Klingon, despite playing mainly Fed, I LOVE the Klingon players for their EXCELLENT team work and ingenuity. We could learn a lot from them and after having my a$$ handed to me by them in PVP (which is Freaken always!) I try and ask them questions. They are very helpful and kind. Its as much about team work as it is about build and if I didnt have so much time and money invested on my Fed character I would be a full time Klink player simply because of the comradeship that I find often lacks on the Fed side (ironic, isn't it, given that this is Star Trek).

Best of Luck
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