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02-16-2013, 02:40 PM
New Orleans class please... I like that ship. Better than the Challenger or the 3 nacelle Ambassador USS Princeton. And I want a cruiser escort that's from the late 2360s.

I want to see crafting not become a variant of the reputation system. I hated the grind for that.

His comment about the Senior Staff system sounds interesting... maybe get new passive powers when you have BOFFs who become Chief Medical Officer, Chief Engineer, Helmsman, etc... and have an active power when you get your First Officer. (Wait that does sound like a variant of the reputation system)

I wonder why not add computer cores along with warp cores and ship hull armor. I think it would be easier to leave armor as engineering consoles and just slot computer cores and warp cores. How the warp and computer cores are designed might improve multiple systems and you can have 5 set space items (Adapted MACO space sets with shields, engines, shields, warp core, and computer core)

I find having a dog follow me around ESD a bit disturbing btw... unless its a Mini Schnauzer because I miss mine after he died.