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Hello everyone,

some of you may be aware of the recent decision to axe Fleet Marks as a reward for 'Investigate Officer Reports' - whilst Dan Stahl has stated that alternate ways of earning Fleet Marks will be implemented at some point in the future, that's of little comfort to small (or even large) KDF and Federation fleets right now.

Many in the community are still unsettled by the depth of the cutbacks to Dilithium rewards and the increased emphasis on grind that was introduced with Season 7 and this latest move is seen by myself and others as a further step towards taking freedom of choice as to how to enjoy this game out of the hands of the players.

These issues aside, the KDF as a whole is still in dire need of more content and Dev attention - I won't go into specifics here since we're all aware of where Cryptic/PWE has failed the KDF.

So I have a simple request - Cryptic has inadvertently given the KDF a means to peacefully protest when the Federation has none - the 'Disenchanted' title that's given as a reward for completing the Fek'lhri missions.

I'll be changing the title on both of my KDF characters to Disenchanted until such a time as Cryptic/PWE shows itself to be addressing the concerns of not just the KDF, but the player-base in general and I appeal to all of you that feel the KDF and the game deserves better to do the same.

Thank you for your time

*Edit* My draft proposal from us to Cryptic - feedback much appreciated - @aegisprime or kdfkaz 'at'
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