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I joined TOR when the released their Trial Account program. I was thoroughly enjoying the game. In fact, I was spending more time over there then here. It was more out of TOR being new then anything with STO....a change of pace if you will. I came back to STO with S6 to check out the new stuff. I liked Nukara. I went back to TOR after their F2P model went live once and have not been back since. Why? As a free player, I lost 2/3 of my crafting skills, most of my inventory space, and the titles I earned in game. It was bad enough that I did not have access to mail or a bank before hand. I may go back to dabble a little more but, their F2P model is too restrictive......and people are complaining about STO monetizing things.

So from what I have experienced

Customization: STO > TOR
Space Combat: STO > TOR
Ground Combat: TOR > STO
Story Content: TOR > STO
End Game: ? (Did not get any where near there)
Microtransactions: STO > TOR (You can get anything from the C-Store through in game means. Cartel Market is real life money only)

In the end, I will definitely be sticking to STO for the foreseeable future and beyond.
Well, on one end, you can get Zen via ingame means, but on the other hand, you can buy anything sold in the Cartel Market if you have the credits, (and, in the case of the more expensive items, somebody willing to sell it to you WITHOUT using the GTN... which gets IMMENSELY COMPLICATED IF NOT PREFERRED STATUS! I KNOW FROM EXPERIENCE!) so it sums up to the same thing. I'd say they both have their pros and cons.
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