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02-16-2013, 04:09 PM
I still have one from my old Cryptic Account, look for @helkotar, its called Space Hulk. I used it to train our fleet for ground combat. I got the theme from Warhammer40K it was the first foundry mission I made that turned out decent. Before i got into useing CatStar as my main toon, Flash Dashing was it, he was my first toon I made long before I bought the Playable Caitian. I always hid him in the missions as a cameo appearance. My in game name is now @cat_star now that I merged with PWE, I have a couple more missions under that name but they arent as good.

Try it out, I recomend a team on elite. I trained some people using this until they could go without BoFF on elite and be done in about 15 minute. Test yourself, weapons and gear have improved since then, lets see how fast you can complete it. (poses like Morpheus) "The challenge has been issued."

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