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Originally Posted by drkfrontiers View Post
Hi Foundry authors,

I would like to create a new series "Dark Frontiers", but one with a slight twist to it.

Let me start by introducing the concept.

First off, in order to design a truly epic arc I am looking at this point to "recruit" spotlight authors that would be interested in collaborating with me.

What I would like to do is have each of the authors adopt a faction whose story line they will endeavor to bring to the fore. They will have 100% autonomy of decision in regards to their story or how their faction would respond to events.

Now, while I understand that the authors would be unable to create true factional story as there are only two playable factions in the game. Although the primary story line will still focus on the U.F.P and the Klingon Empire, the story told will be from the perspective of the faction they represent.

The factions represented will be:

United Federation of Planets (rickysmith1)
Klingon Empire (drkfrontiers)
Dominion (stardestroyer001)
Cardassian (vexravus)
Romulans (markhawkman)
Borg (heissenburg)
Ferengi (fu11ofstars)
Ask'kaar Republic (thay8472)

(Depending on the response, I am also open to your own faction you would like to use e.g. Vulcan, Andorian, Marquis)

Once I have found willing authors to fill the above, I will begin the story from Qo'noS (my home town!)

Each author when then respond to my mission with their own, or they could engage with each other's story lines, thus creating an intricate and connected series on ongoing stories.

A very interesting suggestion was made here (pendra3780)

  1. The heroes of your faction will either be U.F.P or Klingon Empire
  2. The "villians/ or heroes" of the faction you represent will be their opponents. So try not to kill off the cast in the first mission
  3. The only real limitation is that these two groups of characters become iconic representations throughout the series much like in the shows, that need to be properly conveyed through the other authors content.

I really hope that I will receive a positive response

I would also be looking to members of the community that enjoy creating trailers to really show their story telling skills

I have created a site where we can brainstorm - Persistent Foundry. All are welcome!

This sounds kind of fun.. I'd like to do the tholians if that's ok..

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