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02-16-2013, 03:58 PM
I just picked up a mirror vo-quo (for 520k energy credits at that, much better than the 120,000 dil needed to buy the regular one) for my tactical klingon and I must say I will not be going back to the Neg'var any time soon.

As for weapons/consoles:
3 Dual heavy phased polaron cannons up front
3 Polaron turrets out back
device slot are just batteries of random types
3 RCS engineering (makes it turn much much faster)
1 dmg resist engineering (thinking of a shield booster instead tbh)
3 Random science consoles (I don't honestly know much about science consoles)
2 polaron rare dmg boost consoles (they were much cheaper than very rare, I am on a budget!)
2 Birds of prey (your choice, I am poor so I went with b'rel got both of them for 60k energy credits) side note: the birds ofprey spawn one at a time per hanger, so you have to wait for cool down to summon both just in case you didn't know like me.

As for officer skill lay out:
Tact officer has, 1.) Tactical team, 2.) cannon rapid fire 3.) attack pattern beta (i think beta is the name)
First engineering officer, 1.) engineering team 1, 2.) reverse shield polarity 1, 3.) acetyon beam 1
Second engineering officer has, 1.) emergency power to shields 1, 2.) emergency power to weapons 1
Science officer has 1.) Science team 1, 2.) techyons rift 1, 3.) charged particle burst 3 and another random skill I cant remember, and skills arn't in that order.

I found it can take quite a beating, and it deals really good consistent damage in STF's both normal and elite (not run as often as normal, I am a casual noobie what can I say), it runs gear/dilithium missions with ease, and can run fleet marks missions very well.

Obviously some of my officers skills don't really help out much and I am looking into changing them up a bit, but for now it gets the job done even in elite stfs. I am thinking of dropping charged particle burst for a gravity well to allow for some crowd control.

On a side note this build is currently doing well even with normal quality shields, engine and deflector (the ones the ship comes with). So I imagine it will become even greater once I get some borg or honor guard equips on it (nearing omega stage 1, but will wait for stage 2 to get honor guard equips).

Hope this helps you out as it is working great for me, i might even say it is out damaging my negh'var but it probably isn't but it look so cool with 4 BOP's launching torpedoes at your target as you rain cannon fire down upon it with avengence!