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Originally Posted by sander233 View Post

Also would be nice if I could change the appearance of my Marauder BOff at the tailor...
This would be a BIG one for me ..

Something im hoping for is more realistic physics, too often i have a female toon in a skirt with what can only be described as galactic flatulence, that bolt of cloth wont sit still!
And her hair must be held with some kind of miracle hairspray O.o;

Just some small hopes;
  • better makeup shading
  • compound injuries (for rp purpose )
  • more hair styles, shades and maybe multi-shade tints etc
  • A few kdf costumes wouldnt go amiss
  • a wierd hope, if i have a character that has a bare chest (orion male) or a lady with revealing clothing, for them not to look positively anoerixic, rib cages freak me out :|
  • A few more colour choices for KDF toons on uniforms, I have 9 toons bored of dark grey, dark red, dark blue and dark yellow/brown, need something more <.< (yes colours like pink and pale blue are not really 'KDF' but there is so much more spectrum, that or give us some off duty clothing! >:Z)

And a big one about the UI of the creator..

If im customizing my shoes, i don't want to zoom into my face
Your Heavy Graviton Beam deals 26470 (10583) Kinetic Damage(Critical) to Assimilated Carrier.

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