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10-05-2009, 02:00 PM
i think I've been waiting for this Dev chat topic for years! :-)
  • As we progress in rank, will we be able to upgrade lower Tier ships, so for example, an Admiral in a Tier 2 Akira could have maybe an extra bridge station?
  • Will there be unlockable classes, or maybe unlockable upgrades, this kind of ties into the previous question, for example, could I get an extra bridge station as a hard to achieve unlockable upgrade.
  • We've seen there are different class names in the same Tier catagory, are these to do with teh bridge stations available? For example, with an escort, it could have 3 tactical statons, 2 tactical and 1 science station or 2 tactical and 1 Engineering station.
  • As you increase your rank and get larger ships, are thier diminishing returns than benefit lower tier ships, for example, will a smaller ships agility be useful against a larger ship (I'm think like Eve Online where new player ships can be useful against battleships)
  • Will there be unlockable upgrades for ships in the Tiers, like special engines or ship decals, that you maybe earn when you get a system upgrade?
  • As you rank up, will you be able to retain a previous rank and command higher Tier ships? I'm sure alot of people would love to command Tier 4 ships but retain the Captain rank even thoguh they've reached teh required skill points to become an Admiral
  • Does each Tier actually have a specialisation? We know that you can command higher Tier ships the higher you rank, but will high ranking players 'need' to use lower tier ships in some situations? This is also relevant to me inregards to high and low level players working together (good for the community!)
  • Will the Klingon faction only have Klingon ships, or will it also have Gorn and Orion ships? This goes for starfleet too, will players get access to Andorian and Vulcan ships? Possably as unlockable ships?