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02-16-2013, 05:55 PM
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Wow, people make mountains out of mole hills. Really, what do you care if he gets all of the votes and then fails the physical? He simply asked for your vote, he didn't make you morally or legally responsible for what happens to him in space, if indeed he makes it. Either vote, or don't. It's not rocket science! (pun completely intended)

Voted, and good luck. I like to look past the prejudice of our borders. I didn't see American/non-American asking for our vote. I saw a fellow STO player asking, and I wish you all the best.

Sorry about the bit of a rant, but it never fails. There is always someone negative about something. You can say good morning, and they would start questioning on what authority you had the right to claim it a good morning, or, what exactly is the legality of the good morning, and if they shared their good morning with you, maybe it would keep someone who looks like them, or talks like them, or is from the same place as them, from having that very good morning they gave you.
I just find it unfair to the rest of the competitors if a ton of slots are taken up by unfit astronaut candidates that know that they will never get into space due to failing the physical and/or mental. So if there is a total of 50 unfit astronaut candidates and I am #249, then I would not get a chance to go to space since I don't have enough people to vote for me.

The logical way to do this is to have every contestant do the mental test and the top 200 marks have to do the physical test. It makes more sense than doing a popularity contest since all it shows is that you are good at social networking or have a ton of friends rather than how well a person would do in space.