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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
Well, let's start off with who works with Subsystems. Engineers.
Then let's look at who fires the weapons for the most part. Tacticals.

So how does a Science Vessel get it?

It's not the same as writing a computer virus that will take the systems offline by taking out their control computer...which tada - Science has as Viral Matrix. Those pesky hackers! Which one could argue should introduce the path for universal abilities (cause the Engineer should be able to VM as well...and even the Tac guy that comes from the Operations Division of Starfleet may have taken some computer engineering courses as part of a dual spec)...but that's another discussion.

So yeah, how does a Science Vessel get it?

Is it this?

Bill Nye: Captain, I was down in the ship's science lab studying the gas emissions of those cockroach-like critters we picked up on Alpha Beta Gamma Delta VI...when I remembered that our ship's capable of targeting the enemy's Soup Replicators. Shall I?
Captain: Er...sure.

Or this?

Captain: Target their Soup Replicators!
Ops Guy (Could be Tac, Could be Eng): Firing, sir!
Captain: Khaaaaaaaaaaaaan! No soup for you, 5 seconds!

Cause it's a Tac ability - doesn't matter if they're in a shuttle or a battleship. Captain says to target their Soup Replicators...and the Ops Guy (or gal) does it.

It's a targeted attack - a called attack - it's not writing a virus, it's not firing a special beam built with a gum wrapper and a paper clip that violates laws of conservation. It's a called attack - a targeted attack... a Tactical thing.
What Science works in are Disables, Drains, Confuses, Slows, and Holds. Target Subsystems roll two of those facets into a single power, ergo, their effects put them far more inline with Science than Tactical.