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Originally Posted by thegrimcorsair View Post
What Science works in are Disables, Drains, Confuses, Slows, and Holds. Target Subsystems roll two of those facets into a single power, ergo, their effects put them far more inline with Science than Tactical.
From the game's broken perspective where they've pillaged Operations (Tactical/Engineering) to create something that doesn't exist in Star Trek (Science in STO)... have a premise for the argument of why Sci Vessels have Subsystem Targeting.

How many weapon abilities does Science have though? Well, outside of Subsystem Targeting on their ships.

How many Sci DOFFs reduce the CD on Subsystem Targeting? Well, it's not like there's a Tact DOFF that does, right? Oh...there is?

Okay, so it's because it's a Drain and Disable's a Sci thing.

So does that mean that Polaron weapons are too? Phasers are as well? Oh dear, Phased Polarons! PHASED POLARONS SHOULD ONLY BE ABLE TO BE USED ON SCI VESSELS! Cause, you know - they combine two of the effects of what Sci does - heck, the same two that Subsystem Targeting use...and all that. Doesn't work that way? Hrmmm...

I've never seen a logical/rational/reasonable argument for why Science Vessels have Subsystem Targeting that could stand the pressure of a mouse fart...

...the closest I have seen is the possibility that Cryptic wanted a third career, there wasn't one - so they took abilities from Operations (Tac/Eng) and created it - along those lines, there really weren't any ships they could use either - so they took Patrol Escorts/Light Cruisers/Etc and tada... Science Vessels. Vessels that would otherwise have been some form of Escort or Cruiser were made "special" for Science. It's a kludged half-breed fantasy thrown together from a fictional world to begin with...

...imagine if they had gone in a more Star Trek fashion, eh? Players from Operations Division with possible dual specs in Ops, or dual spec in Command or Science, eh?

You'd have the following career options:


With everybody a Captain, they're already going to have part of Command Division going for them - but there could have been the additional conn/helm stuff as well, eh? So maybe there could have even been the following:


Because if you look at Star Trek - look at the actual Sci guys and gals - they're nothing like they are in STO. But if you look at some of the dual spec guys, those Sci/Eng or Eng/Sci or Tac/Sci, etc, etc, etc - you start seeing some of what's in STO...but even there, it's not what's in STO...

...because they've stripped things from X&Y to give to Z.