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02-16-2013, 05:41 PM
Anybody dorked around trying to do a Romulan/Reman themed BoP?

EPtS1, RSP1/AtS1
PH1, TSS1, TB3, VM3
ST1, HE2, PSW1

While either using Disruptors or Romulan Disruptors with the Hyper or Omega Torp and using either the Romulan/Reman Advanced Sets?

My 6th toon there - the KDF Sci - I've been wondering about dorking around with something like this on a Hegh'ta... something along the lines of trying to match some of the abilities seen from the D'Deridex/Mogai/RBoP...

edit: Then it gets into gear, eh?

Fore: 2x Romulan Plasma DHC [Acc][CrtH], Hyper-Plasma Torp, Omega Torp
Aft: 2x Romulan Plasma Turret [Acc][CrtH]

Tac: 2x Infuser, Ambiplasma
Eng: Borg, Nadeon, Neut
Sci: 0Point, Leech, ???

D/E/S: Advanced Reman/Romulan...hrmmm, need to find the stats for these.

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