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02-16-2013, 07:13 PM
Yah you're working on way to much logic, or maybe "let's make this canon". I'm really not sure.

Look, the games an abstraction, and it isn't a Union ship. Okay the plumber can touch the wiring. Guess where FAW belongs. Engineering. Why? Not because its how engineers do damage, but because it benefits greatly from having a fantastic power management at your disposal. And originally that would have meant cruisers.

I'm NOT saying it's the way it should be. I'm saying its the way it was designed.

Why do I say it was meant to be sci? Because Sci retained the built in targeting. Because it's consistent with the way Sci overcomes enemies. Because using a slight, pinpoint attack to drop shields is just not something that seems to fit in the Tactical Ship Handbook. Just not. Do you think the Sci guys can learn how to press a button? Mebbee. Do you seriously think everyone on a Sci ship wears a blue shirt and no one's allowed to touch the weapons?

If you do think that, be glad that none of the RP/Canon boys ever come in here.

But hey, if you wan't to say you're not happy with it, feel free. No sane person would argue that. Support your ideas on the merit of your ideas, and not on what you may think is lack of merit elsewhere.

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