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The following is the section of transcript requested inquiring about temporal incursion 37442-A on Stardate: 89112.26146655553. The incursion itself is low level with no stream deviations but is considered Classified: S31-Alpha due to the persons involved. Two of the voices heard are Temporal agents Johnson and Tyler, the third is the Augment Designate: Wraith, Crew member of the U.S.S. Geist.

Time stamp: 247.6

Temporal Agent Tyler: Starting from the beginning preferably.

Wraith: But I already told you-

Temporal Agent Johnson: Listen, we need to make sure we have all the details. Sometimes retelling it helps people remember the small things they might have missed.

Wraith: Fine...

Johnson: I don't think I've ever seen a Vulcan get this annoyed before.

Wraith: I've already asked you to lay off that.

Note: Johnson shifts in his chair grinning

Johnson: Start again from when you encountered the anomaly.

Wraith: I was in in one of the jefferies tubes helping Devon whe-

Tyler: Chief Fine?

Wraith: Yeah, Chief Fine. We were in one of the jeffries tubes doing some routine inspections when the wave hit us.

Tyler: The wave? Could you clarify for the record?

Wraith: That's what it looked like. Just like a rush coming from down the tube, not quite water, but some kind of fluid rushing at us.

Johnson: The report said they found you on top of... Chief "Fine"

Note: The young man seemed to give Agent Johnson an angry look at the way he phrased her name.

Tyler: Continue please.

Wraith: When I saw the wave coming I just kind of put myself between, I didn't really think about it. When we came too the medical team was checking on us.

Johnson: Then what happened?

Wraith: They told us where we were, some how the whole ship had been pulled back to Earth, a place called New York City. Back in the past, 18 something.

Tyler: 1821. September 1st to be a little more specific.

Wraith: We'd crash landed in the water out side of the city. The anomaly caused a storm so I don't think any one saw the ship, but hitting the water as hard as we did apparently flooded the surrounding area. The Captain called for the senior staff so I stayed in sick bay talking to Fizi, the nurse. A while later Dev... Chief Fine-

Tyler: Call her what you want, that last time was just for the record.

Wraith: Devon called me on the comm to come back to engineering. We needed to finish systems check and make sure nothing was effected. The ship was still under water and we needed to make sure it could leave if need be.

Johnson: Underwater?

Wraith: Yeah, a little reinforcement to the structural inte-

Tyler: We know it's possible, but we just want to know what happened while you were there. Tell us again about the energy reading.

Wraith: Once sensors were back online the bridge picked it up. I don't really know much about it other than what I've heard.

Johnson: Gossiping on a high security Star Ship? That's the kind of thing that gets peopled killed.

Wraith: What does that even mean?

Tyler: Children please....

Wraith: Captain Donovan told me during dinner. He invites me every now and then with some of the senior staff.

Johnson: Like a pet Augie?

Note: Another angry look due to Johnson's attempt to illicit a response. It's possible that Johnson is amused by making a Vulcan angry.

Wraith: I've proven myself as part of the crew, any time I'm asked to eat with the staff I've earned it.


Wraith: From what I was told, there was energy readings similar to the star we were studying. Normally the Geist doesn't handle science missions, but Mr. Sabin asked to take a few readings to send a report to the Science division. The Captain agreed saying something about an old bat named Jane getting a laugh out of him sending science data. Before it started causing the subspace folds it emit a weird radiation, the same kind they were picking up from some where in the city.

Johnson: So at what point were you given permission to leave the ship?

Wraith: I wasn't really... At first it was just a few science teams going out into the storm, they went in dressed like the locals. After a few hours though one of the groups went missing so he started sending out security teams.

Johnson: He risked contamination to the time stream?

Note: Wraith stands suddenly at this point, Agent Johnson jumps back surprised but smiles.

Wraith: He'd do what he could to protect his crew...

Note: Both men return to their seats but continue glaring at each other.

Wraith: The townsfolk couldn't see the teams carrying phaser rifles, so they needed to used Type I phasers. But what they found was a little too much for Type I's.

Johnson: The Ghosts?

Wraith: The ghosts... I guess the locals had a few stories about recent hauntings in the area around the bay. Some of the people there mentioned people disappearing around the area where the team did so it seemed a likely place to start. As the storm got worse he recalled every one and sent out a more prepared team. The weather kept most people indoors, so site to site transport was an option which allowed bigger guns. I was given permission to head out with the team because chances were we wouldn't be spotted by any one.

At first it seemed like the just a bunch of empty warehouses along the bay. The storm was causing too much interference for the tricorders to do any long range scans so the team went building by building. It was about the third warehouse when they picked up the signal from the earlier team. We moved in quick and quiet but there was nothing, not a peep.

Johnson: Those pointy ears of yours let you down?

Wraith: What? How do you even have a job with that kind of talk? No wonder you're stuck in here asking to hear about other people getting to do the one thing you're not allowed to do.

Note: Johnson was the one giving the dirty look this time.

Wraith: They team was alive, but barely. Mr. Edison was examining them and said nothing was wrong with them which was usually the first indicator that there was something very wrong. He started going deeper with his ocular implants and found a cerebal cordic deafish...Diffish..

Tyler: Cerebral Cortex deficiency of bio-electric neural energy.

Wraith: That's the one.

Johnson: Not very often we get a Vulcan in here who's bad with science, I take it that you didn't grow up on the home world?

Wraith: Technically I didn't grow up anywhere. It's a good thing too, looking at the way you've been doing it I'd say I dodged the phaser on that one.

Johnson: Watch it you assimilated son of a bi-

Tyler: AGENT! I think maybe you should step out for a few minutes.

Note: As Agent Johnson left Wraith smiled smugly and gave a half wave.

Tyler: You'll have to forgive Agent Johnson, He's obviously a bit touchy with the initial report. Please continue.

Wraith: From what the away teams gathered from the few locals out in the storm, beggars had been found dead in the area, most people assumed it was some thing called Cholera.

Tyler: It's an unpleasant Bacterial infection. There was an outbreak of it a few years after your infraction.

Wraith: They just figured it was the Cholera, but when regular people went missing rumors started about the haunting. Even the police started staying away.

Tyler: All the signs pointing to the Devidians?

Wraith: That's the team thought as well, but as Edison said, the more normal something looks the less normal it probably is. The issue Edison was having was that there were no signs of the what they use to time travel.

Tyler: No Triolic waves?

Wraith: Exactly, none of the science was there. It just didn't seem like the previous encounters on record. Something wasn't sitting right and then it hit us.

Tyler: The Solution?

Wraith: No... it was a stun grenade actually, federation made. Had Edison and I been near the rest of the team we might have been been killed.

Johnson: From a stun grenade? Not likely.

Wraith: No, from the shots fired immediately afterward. Disruptor I think.

Johnson: You think?

Wraith: Well there was something off about it. It wasn't killing the security team, but it seemed more like they were being shocked. Mr. Edison said later that it was like it disrupted the nervous system but didn't kill them.

Tyler: Our interview with Simon Edison shows that you couldn't pinpoint where the shots were coming from?

Wraith: No, we were under fire from multiple directions but Edison was only picking up one life form. From what little cover we could find I was able to see some one rush out to the unconscious crew and start to attach something to one of the team, a large thin spike he put into the back of the neck.

Johnson: Like a hypospray?

Tyler: More like a hypodermic syringe. What happened next?

Wraith: He put it into his own neck. Edison stinks the spike was drawing the energy some how so I don't think it was like a needle, more like a tool for working with power conduits. I was able to hit him in the shoulder as he went to the next member of the team. The phaser was only set to stun, but it didn't seem to effect him at all. I pushed it to maximum but it was only a slight distraction.

Tyler: And when did you switch the beam to kill?

Wraith: I didn't, I gave it to Mr. Edison and ran in. He was reaching for the next crewman and I couldn't let that happen. I tackled him but he was stronger than any human I've seen. What ever he was doing to the others and him self was making him stronger and faster, and who knows what else.

Johnson: Are you sure it wasn't an android or hologram? Are you sure you weren't just jumping to conclusions about who and what it was? And when did you start the fire?

Wraith: The fire started from the blind firing turrets he'd set up, and what ever the old building was used for it went up pretty quick. I wasn't able to get the spike from him before the building began falling apart. I suppose I was lucky really, when he kicked me off of him it threw me clear of the debris that crushed him. I could hear him screaming as it burned, smell... what was going on as the building came down around us as we were beamed out.

Tyler: And you're sure it was Johnson?

Wraith: I'd never seen him before you two came to take statements, but after Edison recognized Johnson on the bridge Dr. E'Saul ran more tests to confirm the blood from my uniform wasn't from a clone or mirror copy, she did however find small signs of chronitons and the strange energy signature from the star meaning it was Johnson, just older.

Johnson: I still don't believe it, it's too crazy.

Tyler: Even with the level of classifications and red tape on this one it does seem far fetched.

Wraith: Am I free to go then?

Tyler: I suppose so, there's nothing else.

Note: At this point Wraith stands up and heads to the door.

Johnson: Try to keep those pointy ears out of trouble, and if you come across the tooth fairy, Ronald Reagan, or anything else feel free to skip the report. I'd appreciate never seeing you again.

Note: Wraith stopped in the door way and smirked

Wraith: Well if not Agent, we'll always have New York.

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