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But hey, if you wan't to say you're not happy with it, feel free. No sane person would argue that. Support your ideas on the merit of your ideas, and not on what you may think is lack of merit elsewhere.
Thought I had done both - the classical X should be Y, here's A to support it, here's why B doesn't support X, here's C to support what they could have done with Z if they did Z, but they did X which is not supported...and then Y with additional A.

Phasers shouldn't have a disable proc. Science Vessels shouldn't have Subsystem Targeting. A good example of the disable taking place is the Covariant Phaser Pulse, where Tuvok was able to target the enemy's weapon system through their shields. He was not able to do this because he was on the Intrepid instead of another ship. He did it because he was a Tactical Officer. Yes, Tuvok may have served on the Excelsior as a junior Science Officer, but when he joined the crew of Voyager - he was Chief Tactical Officer. One could say that his dual background in Science and Tactical (Operations) was what allowed him to take advantage of a Phasers ability potentially to bypass shields to target a subsystem.

It's not something that any random Phaser would do. It's not something that any random Phaser on any random Science Vessel would do. It's something that a Tactical Officer did. Is it something that any random Tactical Officer did? No, it was something that a Tac Officer with past experience as a Science Officer did.

So... in a game where a player could have Science/Tactical as the background for a character of a BOFF, they should be able to select an ability to allow them to target subsystems with Phasers.

But wait, how is that really any different or special compared to countless episodes from various series and movies where the Captain simply ordered that the Tac Officer target a specific subsystem of the enemy ship? Or where the Captain did it themselves?

So it should not just be something limited to Phasers, eh? It's definitely not limited to type of ship.

Well, what kind of proc should a Phaser have if not a disable then? Well, considering we're in a post Borg invasion period - Phasers have been modified to deal with Borg shielding - one might suggest they have the possibility of being that much more multiphasic, eh? A DEM proc? The change to do additional damage to the hull bypassing the shields? Wait, so Phasers would be partially transphasic?

Where is that supported? Tuvok firing Phasers through the enemy shields. Ooohhhh...

But what about the Science Vessel having subsystem targeting? Where is that supported? We can't support it with the few Science Vessels seen in Star Trek. We can try to make the case that because of the nature of the various Careers and their BOFFs in the game - that perhaps that is a reason why. We have to ignore DOFFs, because DOFFs do all sorts of things that are very magical in nature. They've got mad skills our BOFFs and Captains could only dream of having, eh?

Okay, so we make the decision to give it to Science Vessels. But, we also give it to Tactical BOFFs? We also even include it as a pseudo dual proc chance in Phased Polaron weapons? We've actually split the proc between a few other weapons as well. We've made it something decidedly not unique then, eh? So why would we make it unique to Science Vessels? Well, okay - not unique. Why is it another ability that we uniquely give to Science Vessels instead of Escorts, Cruisers, etc?

Because, any Tac BOFF on those other ships can do it as well. We can equip weapons that can randomly do it as well.

Were Science ships missing something? Is Subsystem Targeting there to balance something they were lacking? If we were to remove it, would we have to give them something to make up for having taken it away?

Is it just flavor? Well, if it is - it's a very diluted flavoring since it's been added elsewhere. It's not restricted in the lease...not unique...outside of it being an innate ability only for Science Vessels...the ability itself is not unique.

And it goes around and around...distracting from my wondering if the EPtX abilities should be innate to ships...oh well.
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