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# 26 Game progression
10-05-2009, 05:47 PM
Will the game have a open class system where its not so much of what you are but what you know like EVE or elder scrolls or will it be a closed class system where you will have people power lvl like WOW. and how will i get EXP will it be like EVE where it time based, elder scrolls where the more you use it the better you can do it. or at every lvl you have X point. quess im point is will people be asking me "what lvl engineer i am?" or will they ask "what is my lvl in warp drive output?"

how or will the the crew progress will i be able to get or make a "Scotty" for my crew that could get a few more points out of the engines, sheilds, ect. " Im given you all she got Captain" or will the ship stats reflex only the captain's skills or will the ships stats change at all.

and while im talking about the ships i have read that the ships will be customble but to what point? will i only be able to pick simple things like color, or what type equipment will be on my ship? and will i be able to do a complet ship over all in mid space or will i have to go to the closest starbase to work on my ship? and how will ship parts work will i have to keep some spare parts in my cargo hold? will i be able to store them at the starbase?

well i hope this has given you some food for thought

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