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02-17-2013, 01:20 AM
Originally Posted by warbird001 View Post
Truthfully, no ship is obsolete, its the players that make it obsolete. I am still flying a Long Range Science Retrofit because I refuse to switch to the Vesta just for a few extras and plus I really hate that ship anyway. But I do fine in PvP, people who fly the lockbox ships, bugs, timeships etc... I just ignore them because if they are that desperate to win at a free game, its probably more embarrassing for them then it is for you.

Keep in mind that you are not as sad as them and keep on trucking, for fun and adventure
truthfully, that is your opinion, and at that not even one that can hold up to simple facts.
you say you fly a long range science retrofit...namely the voyager, which has a fleet variant that is superior in each and every way imaginable.
Nobody says you need to switch to the vesta if this ship is not your favourite, but considering your ship not obsolete when there is an upgraded version of the very same ship is pure nonsense.
Your argumentations like "i do fine", "if they are that desperate to win..." are pathetic.

your last sentence however, made me laugh hard. Appart from being the most rediculous statement i have read in a long time on this forum (that means a lot) it just shows what type of opinionated casual gamer you are. In the sense of: "That guy beat me, he must be cheating and paying to win"

i do not condamn your approach at the game as just beeing a star trek barbie land, where you choose your ship purley by looks and the only real challenge is to win the next beauty contest on risa, aslong as we do not cross ways in an elite stf or something else. If you wish to underperform constantly, please don't involve others and stay out of elite stf and PVP, you are doing the rest of your team a favour.

If you take the game casual, thats cool, but then live with the consequenz that there are much better players in much better ships around and don't be so smug about your casual approach to the game.
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