Thread: Obsolete Ships.
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02-17-2013, 01:43 AM
I don't understand all this talk of ships being obsolete. It's nonsense, I fly my Galaxy-R because I like it... and I get on quite well with it. It does some decent team healing and keeps me alive in fleet PvP matches even up against two or three foes. Just because something isn't the super duper brand new ship of the month doesn't mean it's not useful. I use the Nebula too on my Science VA and get on fine too, sure it's a lot slower to turn but it gives an interesting mix of cruiser and science play styles. Hell I went for a spin in my T2.5 Exeter last night! Loved it!

For the record, I have most Fed ships off the C-store inc the Odyssey and Vesta bundles. They're good ships, some might say too good... but I enjoy flying the older ships just the same.

They are NOT obsolete.