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02-17-2013, 02:31 AM
My character, as a concept, has a problem with skin contact - she's a mnemonic vampire who involuntarily drains and consumes memories when skin touches skin. Those memories are literally consumed - they exist in her mind for a time, like food in the stomach, before being broken into component emotions and digested. There is a quicker, and more selective way to do this by attaching a tentacle of brain matter extruded from the top of her skull, lamprey-like, to the spine of a willing or subdued victim, but skin contact does it all the same. As such, she's covered completely in clothing, and will likely never pursue a romantic relationship due to the severe physical handicap. However, she 'knows what its like' to be in such a relationship, as she ate people who loved or desired others. Good enough. It'll have to be.

There's another alien on the crew, a red-skinned, orange-haired ensign who I imagine as coming from a very hot world (high vulcanism AND closest to its parent star). Both are orphans, in their way - Mnemophage is the only one of her kind that she knows of, and Seichu, despite being very religious by Starfleet standards, is the closest thing her world has to an atheist due to having even a moderate interest in the sciences. While Mnem doesn't love-love Sei, there is something of a mentor relationship working itself out in my head. Both know what its like to be outcast, even monsters, and while Mnem envies Sei for her continuity of existence (given as Mnem continuously eats her own past), she is also further advanced in both scientific pursuits and Starfleet rank due to the fact that she can osmose knowledge out of peoples' heads and effectively grow neurons at will. It may grow into mother-child, depending on how many fires Sei sets.