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02-17-2013, 03:51 AM
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I was running all Fleet Advanced XII Polaron DCH's and Turretts and thought I was doing good in Kerrat, then I spent some EC in the Exchange and got ACC X2 Crth DHC's and ACC x3 Turrets and wow what an improvement. There are players out there that will tell you different but on an Tac in an Escourt in PVP ACC modifer is much detter than the DMG modifer. I noticed a large and immediate improvement in how much more damage i was doing and how much faster my targets shields were dropping. The only change I made was changing the Fleet weps for exchange weps with XII ACC x2 Crth modifers
and this is my point right here. just add up all that dilithum that you had ended up swapping out for items on the exchange.

as i see it the star base is just for bragging rights and nothing else. one huge stupid accolade that you end up investing over 400mill for. i say 400mill but trust me no one wants to know the real numbers. its much bigger then that. from start up till now you could have made a billion on 7 toons depending on how much dil you put into that base.